The New Majority Leader

The Republicans selected John Boehner as their new majority leader. I know a lot of folks are pleased that it wasn’t Roy Blunt.

However, consider this:

John Boehner actually handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the floor of the House to fellow Congressmen in 1995 when they were considering a bill to end a tobacco subsidy. No shit. Actually walked around, and gave out checks on the floor of the House chamber.

This is the guy the Republicans just elected to clean up the lobbying problems in the House. Can you get any more blatant?

I’ve said it before: They’re not even trying to hide their nature any longer.

…and it’ll keep going, until we get off our asses and do something about it.

I wish I knew what.


(Seen in ‘s LJ.)

This is so well done. They could’ve gone for “cheap laughs”, but went for “clever” instead:

Click on screen to see the video, and marvel at its brilliant-ness.