KCRF 2006

Well, after not hearing anything at all from half of the stage show for two days now, an “executive decision” has been made.

and I will be auditioning for the cast.

I just got off the phone with the E.D., who said that we was excited that we’ll be auditioning.

I’m actually kinda looking forward to it — I love performing, and the scenario this year has potential (damn sight better than last year’s “Gypsies Gone Wild”). I have a few roles that I’m interested in, and I’ll shoot for those. If I don’t get any of them, there’s always Chess Match.

Plus, this plan has the added benefit of getting me out of the house on a regular basis for rehearsals.

I loved doing a stage show, but it apparently wasn’t to be. At least not this year….maybe I’ll put something new together for 2007.

no no no No No NO NO NO!!!


I just found out via AICN that they’re making a movie of my favorite Stephen King short story, “1408.”

The story (which isn’t very long) appeared in the collection Everything’s Eventual, and is about a paranormal investigator spending the night in a supposedly haunted hotel room. It’s a brilliant short story and genuinely scary.

Apparently, the movie will star John Cusak as the writer/investigator, and Samuel L. Jackson as the only other character in the story — the hotel manager who tries to talk him out of it.

Good actors, yes….but I can’t help but shake the feeling that this is going to be yet another King adaptation that totally misses the point.

Geek WANT.

Talking with The Dastardly Best Friend yesterday, and he mentioned some stuff he picked up from the webstore of Graphitti Designs (the company that does the comics-and-general-geek-interest T-Shirts, pins, etc.).

Digging around that site is BAD for Gareth.

For example: Here we have the Rocketeer Thrill Club Pin. (That’s the design. It’s actually bronze-y metal)

In the same vein, here’s The Doc Savage Club Pin, a replica of the original from the 1930s.

Both of which would absolutely KILL on my brown leather flight jacket.

But it gets worse….then I discovered the Prints.

The problem with being into Doc Savage is that pretty much most of the merchandise you find (what little there is of it) uses the James Bama illustrations from the 1960s paperback reprints (the bodybuilder physique, the skull-cap style hair, etc.). You almost never see anything that uses the art of the original pulps. Which is why I went dopey when I saw this Walter Baumhofer print, which is the image from the cover of the first issue in March of 1933. Guh.

Then I saw this entry: A signed and numbered Green Hornet print by Jim Steranko. It has no image available…but I know that Steranko only did one Green Hornet image….the cover of NOW comics’ version in the late 80s. So I dug around and found an image of it elsewhere: This is it. Guh again.

Man. I don’t want to look around that site any more. Who the hell knows what else I’ll find.

(and yes, I’m using a new icon for this entry — Superman by Alex Ross.)