The Promise

Thanks to , I watched The Promise on DVD last night:

The movie was great. Beautifully shot, Fairy-tale-esque wuxia tale. I recommend that you see it.

(Oh, : I figured out the problem. It’s not that it was Mpeg-2, but rather that it’s a PAL format video, rather than NTSC format. My DVD player has a built in converter (as do most computers), so it read without difficulty)

Vampire-slaying Kit on eBay

This is perhaps the coolest thing ever.

The auction has ended, but it claimed to be a 19th-century Vampire-hunting kit.

The kit contains: “one wooden hammer (6.5 inches long), four stakes 6 inches-each) — the wooden hammer has applied a small holy cross, same as the stakes; the lower side containing: prayer book, crucifix, knife and eight bottles with Pamant (holy soil), Agheazma (holy water), Mir (anointing oil), Tamaie (holy incense), Usturoi (garlic), red serum, blue serum and secret potion.” “The metal box contains one syringe and it can be used to inject liquid garlic or secret serums into vampires. It has a small cross on it made of silver . The syringe can sustain temperatures up to 200 Celsius degrees. The cross is very old, with one beautiful black stone and is on a very old metal chain . The metal teeth plier ( 7.5 inches ) was used in the past to remove the vampire’s teeth. There is also a special tool called Dentol ( 5.5 inches ) used in the past to remove the vampire’s teeth.”

“Is est Sanctus Res ego sum decessio secundum ut meus pius futurus adsuesco assuesco obviam Malum , Nox noctis Ingredior Nosferatu , Lamia quod Intentus.”

(“This is the Holy Thing , I am leaving behind to my own kind to be used against the Evil, the Night Walker , Nosferatu , the Vampire and Strigoi .”)

and I once talked about creating fake horror-antiques like this. Cool that somebody went and did it.