Says it all, really….

Same photo-op.

The picture from the White House website:

…and now, the same picture, from the other angle, courtesy of the Associated Press:

I know exactly how you feel, little dude.

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain…..

Doesn’t anybody find it interesting that somehow, the topic of discussion on all of the Sunday political chat shows was about opinions about the “likely” pick to head the CIA —a guy who hasn’t been nominated, or mentioned by anyone in any official capacity— rather than, Oh I dunno, talking about WHY PORTER GOSS SUDDENLY QUIT IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Is there any question that this masterful bit of leaked misdirection completely played up to the media’s “gotta get the scoop NOW” mentality, conveniently bumping some very INconvenient questions out of the news cycle?

Is anyone even paying attention?