Qwest Says No

Apparently, of the four largest telecoms approached by the Bush junta to participate in the illegal warrantless surveillance, only Qwest said no.

The statement on behalf of the former Qwest executive, Joseph P. Nacchio, says:

“When he learned that no such authority had been granted, and that there was a disinclination on the part of the authorities to use any legal process,” Mr. Nacchio concluded that the requests violated federal privacy requirements “and issued instructions to refuse to comply.”

If Qwest had full services available in Kansas, I’d dump AT&T in a fucking second.

Fly A Protest Flag

(Inspired by something Bill Maher said last night)

Everybody knows that the Republicans have hijacked the American Flag. It’s on the lapel of every swaggering criminal in this administration, and is quickly becoming a fascist emblem that means “Real American” — and anybody who doesn’t think like they do, naturally, isn’t a “Real American.”

So you know what? This Memorial Day, fly this flag:

The original flag of the nation. The Betsy Ross flag. Tell the American Taliban that you love your country…..or what your country USED to be. Fly the flag that embodies the ideals that the nation was founded upon….not the evangelical dictatorship that it has become.

Put the graphic on your website, your Live Journal, whatever. Order a flag and fly it from your porch. Order a sticker and put it on your car.

I’d love to see this meme spread, and see Betsy Ross flags spring up all over the country.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?