Much-Needed Venting

I can understand that people want to wish him well on his choice (even though it’s really interesting to note that most of the support is coming from an anonymous poster, and folks who are casual acquaintances….).

But I’ve gotta tell you — if I see one more person who doesn’t know a thing about the facts at hand going out of their way to editorialize and take the rest of us to task for being hurt, I’m going to lose my shit, even more than I already have.


I’d like to laugh.

I really would….but this is deadly serious, and it truly disgusts me.

Of course, depending upon whose polls you listen to, either half the country disapproves of the NSA tracking their calls, or half the country approves.

Big surprise — Republicans (you know, the “party for small, non-intrustive government”) overwhelmingly favor it — The whole “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide” bullshit.

Except– surprise, surprise: it appears this whole thing may be more about going after journalists who are reporting the administration’s crimes than it is about protecting us from Terrorists.

How much more of this shit needs to happen before the Republicans in this country stop drinking the Kool-Aid?

The people that you so-called moderates/single-issue tax voters/libertarians/”Teddy Roosevelt Republicans” put in power are dismantling this Republic, stone by stone.

Incarceration without Charges.
Surveillance of American Citizens, on American soil, without warrants.
The right to circumvent existing laws simply by Executive Order.
Criminilization of journalism.
Suspension of any investigation or oversight by the Justice Department or Congress.

The list goes on.

When do you stop the knee-jerk acceptance of everything they do, using “because they’re not Democrats” as your standard of measure? When do you wake up and smell the dictatorship?