Late Friday, I started coming down with some hellacious sinus pain. (Or, as would no doubt phrase it: “a PIERCING PAIN IN THE SINUSES.”)

No big. I’ve had allergies all my life, and sinus pressure comes with the territory.

HAH, says the Universe.

Spent Saturday immobile, reeling from the worst sinus pain I’ve ever had. Holy Jeebus on a Stick.

Cleared-ish, so I went to Chess Match Auditions on Sunday, and hung with folks Sunday Night….only to have it return full-bore after they all left (considerate of the pain to wait until bedtime, right?). So bad that I did not get a wink of sleep on Sunday night. At all.

Pain so bad this morning I was literally in tears. says “enough” and drags my carcass to the doctor.

“I’ve never had it this bad,” sez I.

“We’ve seen more sinus infections than in previous years,” sez he. “The mild winter made the allergy season worse.”

Verdict: Sinus infection. Anibiotics and Painkillers perscribed.

Again: Holy Jeebus on a Stick.

So, for my birthday tomorrow, looks like I get to try to kick this.