Equal Time: Bush Does Something Good

Yeah, I know — everybody pick your jaws up off the floor.

I just found the following story on the BBC website, and I decided to share it — it proves that Bush is capable of using his powers for good:

Bush creates new marine sanctuary.

Using the 1906 National Antiquities Act, Bush has designated a 140,000 square mile length of reefs, atolls and shallow seas to the northwest of the Hawaiian islands as a US national monument — which immediately confers upon it protected status, and means that all fishing is to be phased out within five years and visitors will need permits to snorkel or dive in the area. The protected area is just slightly larger than the Great Barrier Reef, which was previously the largest marine sanctuary in the world.

You have to admit — that’s pretty cool.

Bille Piper leaving Doctor Who

The official announcement has been made.

Apparently, her final episode is the last episode of this season, which airs in another 3 weeks. Yikes. I wonder what they’re going to do to her. Does she get a happy ending? I’m thinking no — they’ve gone out of their way to play up the relationship between the two of them this season. I think that it can only end tragically.

As far as a new companion goes — here’s my idea: We know that Captain Jack is going to be starring in Torchwood, which airs in the Fall. He’s also got a co-star, Gwen, who is played by Eve Myles, the actress who played the Maid in last year’s episode, The Unquiet Dead.

My guess is that the Doctor will show up at the end of the run of Torchwood (or they’ll devote the Doctor Who 2006 Christmas special to this), at which point, Jack and Gwen become the new companions.