Look, Up In The Sky!

and I caught Look, Up In The Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman on A&E last night. It’s the Kevin Burns documentary about the Man of Steel, which will be released on DVD at the end of this month.

Wow, was that cool. Covering the history of the character from the earliest drafts by Siegel and Schuster to the current film, it’s a treat to watch. I had no idea how much of the mythology came from sources outside of the comics (for example, it was the radio show in the 1940s that changed the name of the newspaper to the Daily Planet, created the character of Perry White, and changed Superman’s ability to leap into true flight…..and it was the movie serials that created the character of Luthor).

With all of the superhero stuff that has been swirling around me recently, I am really chomping at the bit to run a Mutants & Masterminds campaign.


Woke up today feeling much better — the drugs are working. Hoorah.

Opened my first present — a gift from that has been sitting, taunting me, since its arrival a few days ago. Turns out that it’s a copy of the first season of The Wild Wild West on DVD!

Woot! Now I’m able to wash the awful taste of the Will Smith movie out of my brain.

Bunch of work to catch up on today….another reason why getting sick sucks.