It’s Not Being Reported, Part Eleventy-Six

The news is filled with the pro-Bush-administration drumbeat of support for Israel and our coming war with Iran and Syria, so this tidbit has been silently going by:

As many as two million people are protesting in Mexico City, disputing an election that they say is rigged. Check out this picture:

Official results from the July 2nd presidential election gave victory to the conservative Felipe Calderon by half a percentage point — the left-wing candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and his backers claim the count was rigged, and have vowed to shut down Mexico City until an official recount is launched. (link: BBC News)

Gosh….a conservative candidate being declared the winner in an election that people say was rigged?

Read about the latest revelation that Diebold voting machines can be rigged with the flip of a single switch, PAY FUCKING ATTENTION, learn from the example of the Mexicans and the Ukrainians, and prepare to get off your complacent asses if we see yet another round of crooked bullshit this November.

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  1. I think Russia may have just made it harder for the States (or anyone) to attack Syria. I’m not sure if Putin was in Iran recently or was meeting a senior official but on an Iranian broadcast in the last week he stated that Russia would take any attack on Syria as an attack on Russia interests and react accordingly.

    Basically Russia has oil and pipeline interests in Syria (and a fair amount in Iran too for that matter). I’ll see if I can find a link to the story but it might be in Farsi (which I presume google might be able to translate?).

  2. “if we see yet another round of crooked bullshit this November.”

    The ultimate in crooked bullshit is offering a choice of “paper or plastic” and then pretending that’s participatory democracy.

  3. Hey, now: You eat your Corporate Oligarchy and you like it — after all, there are children starving in…somewhere foreign.

  4. So Mexicans care more about their democracy than Americans?

    I doubt we would ever see this sort of turn-out in the US in the event of a rigged election (or two).

  5. I read this and then clicked for the hell of it to Yahoo’s main page. Their “top story”? What emoticons would look like in real life. Underneath was featured a toddler who could be the next Tiger Woods, some damn story on cupcakes, and something on Lindsay-shoot-me-now-Lohan. Which explains more that it really should about the general consensus of what’s considered to be important in this country. Fucking hell. Anything to keep the lemmings complacent. Under that and in smaller type was a little bit about WW3 breaking out on the other side of the planet. I can’t understand how a population at large can allow themselves to be entertained by the intellectual equivalent of someone dangling a ring of keys over their head when so much could be fixed if people would just get off their asses and do something about it. It’s not even apathy by this point, it’s just laziness.

  6. Or you could be looking at an embittered candidate potentially destabilizing a country just emerging from effective one party rule by trying to pull the populist card like Hugo Chavez and the like.

    Just sayin’.

  7. that is supposedly the real story of the Ukranian Orange Revolution…I don’t want to believe it,knowing the modus operandi of the CIA, I can quite easily see how that would be par per course for them to ensure the impossibility of Ukraine and Russia re-uniting or working closer together.

    Rule of law? Not exciting enough! We want a fun, party animal dictatorship.

  8. Entirely possible — its more the people actually getting out into the streets part that I find significant, though.

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