Clueless Asshat Advice…..

As some of you know, was at ‘s party on Saturday, and made quite a few completely inappropriate comments to women while there. I (like many of you) was pissed off, but was of the opinion that everybody, being grown-up, were more than capable of handling it themselves……but upon hearing that was also subject to his attentions, I decided enough was enough, and sent him an email.

In the email, I told him that I didn’t want to have to witness anything like that again, and that it would be better if he and I did not find ourselves in the same locations at the same time. Pretty fucking straightforward.

Well now, three days after I sent the email, he’s responded.

He’s completely fucking clueless. He actually wants me to have the people he “may have offended” contact him, and recount *exactly* what he did, so that he can “tailor my words personally to each as dependent to the offence.” Yeah — his response to being told that he’s crossed the line and presumed a level of intimacy that he hasn’t earned… to demand one-on-one communication with the people in question.

He’s also told me that he’s still going to come around, and that I should just deal with it.

Any of you who are willing to bother, comment below, or email me and I’ll give you the asshat’s email address.

Personally, at this point, I’m completely of two minds about this: Part of me wants to email him back and lambast him for being a socially-inept Asperger’s case, who doesn’t understand that it makes zero sense to want to go to gatherings where it’s OBVIOUS that he is disliked. The other part of me says to ignore the email and just be done with the whole damned thing…including not going to any gatherings where he’ll be present, because I don’t want to bring drama and/or violence to someone else’s space.


Democracy Not Dead Yet

Lamont won.

Of course, Lieberman is still planning to run as an “Independent” — which will split the non-Republican vote, and threatens to lose the seat to another Neo-Con flunky. Joe, there was 50% turnout in a fucking PRIMARY. The people have spoken, and they don’t want you. Hang your ego at the door and bow out gracefully.

DailyKos has an excellent summary of what this all means. Read it.

…and of course, prepare for the inevitable NeoCon and Mainstream Media claims that candidates who agree with the 60% of the American people who oppose the war are somehow “the radical Left” who are taking the Democrats down the road to a McGovern-esque defeat.

The fuckers smell the unrushing end of their grip on power, kids, and it scares the ever-living crap out of them. Expect them to get desperate and outrageous in their actions between now and November.