Democracy Not Dead Yet

Lamont won.

Of course, Lieberman is still planning to run as an “Independent” — which will split the non-Republican vote, and threatens to lose the seat to another Neo-Con flunky. Joe, there was 50% turnout in a fucking PRIMARY. The people have spoken, and they don’t want you. Hang your ego at the door and bow out gracefully.

DailyKos has an excellent summary of what this all means. Read it.

…and of course, prepare for the inevitable NeoCon and Mainstream Media claims that candidates who agree with the 60% of the American people who oppose the war are somehow “the radical Left” who are taking the Democrats down the road to a McGovern-esque defeat.

The fuckers smell the unrushing end of their grip on power, kids, and it scares the ever-living crap out of them. Expect them to get desperate and outrageous in their actions between now and November.

5 Replies to “Democracy Not Dead Yet”

  1. I’ll make sure to pop some popcorn for the crazy show. I’d find the antics od the NeoCon’s more amusing if it didn’t scare me so much.

  2. Read the Kos article. “”This shows what blind loyalty to George Bush and being his love child means,” said Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the leader of the Democratic House Congressional campaign”

    I am SOOOO glad I live in a sane state!

  3. There’s (I think) a good argument to be made that a Lieberman independent run will split the Republican vote as well. It’s not like Connecticut Republicans can possibly be all that unhappy with Joe.

  4. I expect laws to be rushed through disallowing voters to vote.

    electronic voting to be given a preference over paper ballots.

    immunitiy granted all neo cons after election.

    all those unmentioned haliburton “camp” projects to be put into use.

    and of course “left=terrorism” to be mentioned 24/7

  5. When I heard the announcement this morning, my thoughts went like this:

    Boo – Joe Lieberman and not listening to your constituents!

    Hooray – Ned Lamont for representing whay Connecticut Democrats actually want in a leader!

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