Eleventy-billion things on my to-do list, for Work…..for Festival…..for the Wedding.

Getting a tooth pulled tomorrow.

I am in such a serious state of BOO right now, that there’s nothing I want to do more than simply take a day off.



Sometimes, I Hate It When I’m Right….

Turns out the “imminent” terrorist attacks weren’t actually imminent, and the US pressured the UK to arrest NOW, rather than continue surveillance.

Of course, all Ma & Pa Kettle from Lower Stumblefuck, Red State will ever hear about is how the Forces of Christian Goodness defeated the plot of those Eeeeeeeeeeevil Brown People to Attack America. Follow-up stories like this, which reveal the political timing of the almost-entirely-staged event, never get broad exposure.

Do America a favor, people — forward this story to every person you know who is drinking the Kool-Aid. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll snap out of it.