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  1. Here’s a link to the original Gallup report.

    It requires either an account with Gallup or that you watch a commercial for access.

    This breaks my heart. Ignorance + fear = intolerance. The most remarkable tidbit is the difference in opinion between those who know and do not know a Muslim personally.

  2. Scary

    We have an entire TV channel devoted to Hitler and Germany (we call the History channel the Hitler channel) and yet people still don’t get it.

    I think that if another big attack/disaster happens on American Soil that we will see internment camps.

  3. Somehow, I’m not surprised. One hardcore conservative I encountered in the middle of an argument cited that if we were to just prosecute this war like WWII, we’d be done by now. I cited the camps we put the Japanese in, and replied, “Yeah, those too.”

    I was just sort of slack-jawed.

  4. Forty-four percent say their religious views are too “extreme.”

    Sorry.. I couldn’t resist the need to edit this line…

    Forty-four percent are illiterate fucktards who can’t bother to actually read the Koran, but get their knowledge of theology from soundbytes on FOX news.

  5. Once more I reference “The Siege” – remember the illegal internment camps in there? The virtual quarantine of Muslim neighborhoods in the fictional New York? All in the name of “preserving liberty”?

    What America seems to have forgotten is Denzel’s speech – you know, that bit about how restricting freedoms is exactly what the other sie wants? To shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights, to enact a state of fear where the power elite gets to give everyone else their marching orders?

    But hey, they said it could never happen here. The monsters truly are due on Maple Street, friends…but fortunately, they seem to be adept at slowly cutting their own throats. Let’s hope they actually finish the job and let the rest of us do what’s needed to put our damn country back in order.

  6. Re: Really?

    Well.. that was the first thing I thought, but then again I’m beginning to agree more and more with Freud and Ellis about religiosity.

  7. Why don’t they cut to the chase and make them wear crescent-moon-and-star patches on their clothing, ship them off to ghettos and not think about what happens next.

    39% of Americans sicken me.

  8. This drew my attention:

    Nearly one in four Americans, 22%, say they would not like to have a Muslim as a neighbor.

    On 9/12/2001, all of the people who shared this four-unit part of our apartment complex introduced themselves to my wife and I. I hadn’t even noticed before that moment that we were the only non-muslims in this block.

    I had commented to someone before then that we had the best neighbors ever. It was the first time since moving to California that the neighborhood felt like a neighborhood to me – people looked after each other, no one bothered each other, and it was a generally cool vibe.

    Of course, given most people’s attitudes these days about not wanting to be bothered with other people, I could understand why having neighbors who were actually friendly and sociable could be seen as a problem . . .

  9. Hell, yeah … you know like I do that every Right Wing Shit-for-brains is gonna shout about the London incident as proof that they are right.

  10. I’d like to see the 39% that believe that be forced to carry a special ID.
    “Now, let’s see, sonny, do you have your Bigot card? What about a license to sell hair tonic to bald eagles…in Omaha, Nebraska”

  11. Hey, remember the night we were stuck watching a fight between Nazi skins and hispanic gangsters on SW Trfy?

    -White boy don’t come down to my West Side!
    -Zieg Heil!

    Uh…I’ll take “neither” for 100, Alex.

  12. Was the “Jesus Fucking Christ” supposed to be as ironic as I interpreted it?

    Those who encourage the atmosphere of fear (read: our own government) are the real terrorists. You are more likely to die crossing the street in your hometown than due to a terrorist attack.

    But, OMG. We now can’t take bottled water on a goddamned plane.

    It’s pretty scary when Libertarian (and libertarian) me is seriously considering getting a Canadian “green card”.

  13. See, combine that with the BNP (British National Party) aka Right wing racist nutjobs… who put a call out for Muslins to be banned from flying…

    Thats a scary picture forming.

    Not for the cranks who make the calls, but for the easily led who are slowly being convinced to support them.

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