Eleventy-billion things on my to-do list, for Work…..for Festival…..for the Wedding.

Getting a tooth pulled tomorrow.

I am in such a serious state of BOO right now, that there’s nothing I want to do more than simply take a day off.



5 Replies to “Boo.”

  1. Someone asked me today when I might get some downtime, and I realized it would be Sunday evening. Just now I got told that I have to have a project done for work by a week from Thursday, that will necessitate me probably working whatever parts of Saturday and Sunday I’m not going to be doing everything else I need to be doing this weekend.

    I think my next real downtime will come right about when yours will, which is to say, by my birthday, which is the week after your wedding…

    Good luck with the tooth tomorrow. Hopefully, things will go easy.


  2. Hmmmm…certainly an excellent idea. The question being when and where. Usually my birthday celebration, being as the day falls the day before Halloween, gets lumped up with some wacky costume party someone happens to be throwing.


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