Want To Be Scared?

In an article in the New Yorker, Symour Hersh reveals the fact that the Bush Administration had been urging Israel to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon even before the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers that ostensibly was the reason for the invasion. The attack, they argued, could ease Israel’s security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a potential American preëmptive attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear installations.

Even more frightening that that, though, is the fact that one of the architects of this plan is Elliot Abrams, who is Deputy National Security Advisor.

You might not have heard of him…the Deputy National Security advisor never gets much press, after all….but he does have access to the President, and influence in policy-making. For some of you, though, the name might be familiar.

You see, Elliot Abrams, our current Deputy National Security Advisor, was part of the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan administration, and was facing jail time for lying to Congress….before being pardoned by George the First.

Pay attention, people. When I say that the current adminstration are a bunch of criminals, I’m not just engaging in “liberal moonbat” hyperbole.

10 Replies to “Want To Be Scared?”

  1. Of COURSE you’re not crazy…

    here have some more thorazine that the nice Republicans are providing free of charge. Well, ok, it’s free if you’re rich. Otherwise they’ll just take it out of your account.

    Mind the drool….

    (& yeah, plenty scary…)

  2. Sorry, forgot to raise the sarcasm flag…

    “Home” is the place where my government isn’t a pack of criminals that gets to do whatever the fuck they want while the American people just sit around and watch. “Home” also comes equipped with a press core that reports and exposes government officials who break the law. Sadly, “home” seems to be imaginary currently. Bleh.

  3. Re: Sorry, forgot to raise the sarcasm flag…

    I figured it was something of the sort, but I had to ask. I was wondering if you’d shoot back “Eutopa Prime, Liberal Sector” or something. =)

  4. i dream…dream of seeing armed soldiers storming the white house and other various places in DC and taking these violators of law and justice into custody for trials against the nation and world.

    why is sanity so rare this generation?

  5. He didn’t?

    I guess I missed the memo. I am too busy enjoying the Fangorn Expressway. It is really great to be able to travel through there without having to worry about those Ent extremists that hated freedom. Remember Isengard!

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