KCRF Fourth Weekend Pics

Generally, I wasn’t too happy with the pictures of me from this past weekend — you could tell by my facial expressions that I had a lot on my mind, and that I wasn’t really “there.”

That said, there are a couple of me that thinks were pretty nifty….and I found some shots not of me that I love.

Courtesy of :

Veronica gets her boots straightened by Azure. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

A nice full-body profile of Casanova.

Easily the best picture taken of Veronica this season. Even thinks so.

Like I said — something obviously on my mind….but still a good shot.

Courting Italians, Afternoon Shadows.

Courtesy of :

Me and on Sunday. I wish I didn’t look so gruff there.

PHENOMINAL shot of . Best all season.

Veronica’s new pin. Heh.

Thanks as always to the great photographers who make us look damn good.