Short Friday Music

Kids are here. Parents are here. Wedding tomorrow.

Here’s a short version of Friday Music for you:

An absolutely brilliant cover of a great song — Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – “Science Fiction Double Feature.”

The official version of the new Bond theme is out…and this mix is MUCH better. They’ve brought the orchestral bits further into the mix, and it makes all the difference, in my opinion: Chris Cornell – “You Know My Name.”

Sting has a new album of Renaissance music, which resulted from when someone gave him a lute as a gift. Really beautiful stuff: Sting – “Can She Excuse My Wrongs.”

I’m afraid that’s all I have time for this week. More next week, I promise!

3 Replies to “Short Friday Music”

  1. What’s the appropriate thing to say pre-wedding?
    Break a leg…
    And many more…Get well soon….Go, team…Huzzah….

    Somehow none of those seem quite appropriate, so I guess I’ll forgo a cliche catchphrase and just say-
    You must surely know that all the people who can’t be there in person send their love and goodwill your way, so although the event may be small in the physical realm, if all the friends who share your joy on this day were to appear in person to give their blessings to your vows – you would have to hold your wedding at Kemper Arena.

    Blessed Be!

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