Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures are starting to come in. I figured that I’d post some here for the appreciation of the masses:

The Altar

Warming Star’s Hands


More Attendees

Maidens Whymsie sing


The Kiss

Jumping The Broom

The Happy Couple

Tired Bride

Tired Groom

“I’m Gonna Do ‘Big Arms!'”

Portrait of the Couple

There ya go! Now, stand outside on a 40-degree rainy day, and it’ll be just like you were there!

18 Replies to “Wedding Pictures”

  1. You certainly have a unique tuxedo! How many grooms can speculate whether their suit makes them harder to hit or harder to hurt? :)


  2. Yay!

    You both look lovely. I didn’t expect the armor, for some reason (which was dumb of me). It was a great surprise, as you look dashing in armor.

    Congrats again to you both!

  3. OH, lovely! Thanks for sharing the images. Still wish we coulda been there, man. But you both look glorious and that’s the important thing.

    No, wait. The important thing is being happy. Yeah, that’s it. But hell yeah when you can do both simultaneously!

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