Tomorrow is Election Day

A couple of things:

One: Watch this video at YouTube. Brilliantly done. (Thanks to for the link)

Two: A plea to my friends in MO: Please vote tomorrow. The Senate race is going to be won by “boots on the ground” — and your state could be the deciding one for control of the Senate. As Bill Maher said this weekend: “First prize, subpoena power in the new Congress. Second prize, a set of steak knives. Third prize, you’re fired. ”

Three: Speaking of Maher, I think you might like to see that whole thing. Check out the closing bit of Maher’s show from Friday. (YouTube link) Easily the best one of these he has done.

Let’s get this done, people.

5 Replies to “Tomorrow is Election Day”

  1. I was a bit disappointed when folks didn’t seem to respond to the Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross-inspired “Always Be Closing” bit that Maher did. I thought it was genius.

  2. Bill Maher is a genius. It was very sad that he got booted out from “Politically Incorrect” by the ruling powers. I just thank goodness that he decided to stand his ground and continue what he was always doing rather than hop into bed with the administration like Dennis Miller did.

    I think the most poignant part was the “we have to” in regards to raising taxes. This has been a Republican tactic for decades. Overspend then point fingers when the Democrats try to rebuild the treasury.

    I wish I lived in Missouri to vote to help the McCaskill numbers… Kansas doesn’t have much contested at this point. Though.. I’m not decided if I’m voting for Moore or leaving that choice blank yet (I can’t bring myself to vote for either of the other two).

  3. I chatted with my mom about this over the weekend (about voting or not voting for Moore.) Here’s what she said, just so you can add it to your thoughts.

    The past two elections, the Republican party threw a lot of money at Moore’s opponent to get Moore ousted. This year, they’ve given the opponent basically no support. Mom thinks that if Moore only slides by again, they’ll renew their previous efforts even more so in 2008, so we should vote for him to boost his numbers.

    I still don’t think I’m going to, actually, but it’s something to consider.

  4. Not that I give Republicans much credit in the forethought department, but in 2004, Moore’s opponent, Adam Taff, wound up being convicted of campaign finance fraud, I believe. And given that Moore has sided with them on security issues, they might not care that he’s with the opposition party. Just a thought.

    OR, maybe 2008 we’ll see a serious challenger in the primaries that the Democrats will put a lot of money behind. One can hope.

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