Friday Music

I stumbled upon two new artists this week, and so this Friday Music entry features double-shots from both, because I think they’re keen, and I hope you do as well:

First up, introduced me to Emilie Autumn, a former child violin prodigy who has invented herself as a Dresden-Dolls-meets-Marie-Antionette-meets-Goth-meets-Electronic-meets-Whitechapel-Prozzy, and calls her musical style Victoriandustrial.

Yeah, that’s all it took to grab me, too. I hunted down some of her music, gave a listen, and….WOW. I ordered the CD via the links on her website pretty much immediately.

Here are two tracks from the CD Opheliac:

Emilie Autumn – “Misery Loves Company.”

and the harpsichord-laden title track,

Emilie Autumn – “Opheliac”

The second artist that I discovered this week comes to us from the Scissor-Sisters-esque vein of tone-perfect 70s reconstructions. I listened to two singles from the artist in question, Mika—both of which I present here:

This first is an absolutely perfect tribute to the sound of Freddie Mercury and Queen (even name-checks Freddie in the lyrics): Mika – “Grace Kelly”

Here’s another great mash-up, mixing Johnny Cash with the Wu-Tang Clan. It works a helluva lot better than you’d expect: Cash vs. Wu-Tang – “J-C-R-E-A-M”

Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun died yesterday. He created one of the first indie labels, which fostered quite a lot of talent, and went on to become a jazz and pop empire by the 1960s. He was also a songwriter — here is his best-known work: Ray Charles – “The Mess Around.”

Lastly, just because you sometimes just need brilliant New Wave sung by a playboy bunny wearing a plexiglass bra: Missing Persons – “Words.”


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  1. I think it actually might be a panel of those concave ‘mirrored’ designer tiles that were popular in nightclub bathrooms of the early eighties, but it always looked like an ice cube tray to me. :)

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