Friday Music

A bit late today. Sorry about that! Anyway….here we go:

First up — a bit of a mood enhancer, proclaiming the power of positive thinking. Sort of an “accentuate the positive, elminate the negative” thing, which, for obvious reasons, I find compelling. Plus, it’s Nikka Costa, so it kicks nine distinct varieties of ass: Nikka Costa – “Can’t Never Did Nothin’.”

Saw The Covenant on DVD this week — suck-fest, and could have been so much cooler. The music was pretty good, though….like this: A new remix of “More Human Than Human” which served as the opening credits music. Rob Zombie – “More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi In The King’s Harem Mix).”

Here’s a very cool tune from the Yoshida Brothers, who are the group responsible for the great music in Nintendo’s new Wii commercials. This is very similar — a mix of modern breakbeat and traditional Japanese instrumentation: Yoshida Brothers – “Storm.”

Some classic second-wave ska for you, from my favorite group of that era: The (English) Beat – “Mirror In The Bathroom.”

Very nifty electronic/worldbeat stuff, which, as you all well know, I devour. This one is from the Asian Dub Foundation, a UK alternative electronica band that play a mix of breakbeat, dub, dancehall and ragga, influenced by everything from Bengali folksongs to punk. Asian Dub Foundation – “Rebel Warrior.”

Lastly, here’s a track by A3, the electronica group best known for “Woke Up This Morning”, the theme to the HBO series The Sopranos. A3 – “Terra Firma Cowboy Blues.”

Hope you like ’em.