Take THAT, Cancer-fiend!

Had my follow-up with the oncologist today. My PET scan and CT scan were spotless. The sentinel node biopsy was clean. The melanoma has been removed.

No cancer….and no chemo.

The chemo treatment for melanoma is a trial anyway (meaning that they don’t know conclusively if it does any good), and has some fairly nasty side effects…..so given my clean tests, there appears to be no need to risk it. I just need to stay on top of this, with regular follow up visits and exams, several times per year.

I’m cool with that.

I made it upstairs today, so I could clear out the 300+ email messages. Legs hurt like a muthafucka (the side they took the skin graft from hurts worse than the leg that is missing a chunk, actually), and I’ve got a happy little perscription for happy little hydromorphone pills. Wheeee!!! Still have to sleep on my back, which is teh SUXXORZ, since I can’t really sleep that way.

All in all, though — being alive and healthy is a good thing.

Thanks for all of the good boogie and positive thoughts.

Still going to be on work hiatus for a couple of weeks, while I get my strength back and re-examine priorities. For those who care, though, here’s a gaming-related interview with me that just went up.