The Cracks Widen

A while back, I predicted that with a Democratic Congress wielding subpoena authority, you’d start seeing administration officials start to engage in moves to save their own asses, which could lead to the whole corrupt house of cards coming down.

Monica Goodling, the Attorney General’s top counsel, announced via her lawyer that she would plead the 5th when called to testify before Congress.

She’s concerned that testifying under oath may incriminate herself in connection to criminal charges.

Strange thing is, there are no criminal charges on the table.

Which makes you wonder….especially when you look into it further, and find out that her position was the Attorney General’s White House liaison. She was the connection between the Justice Department, who fired these attorneys, and the White House, who swears up and down that they had nothing to do with it.


Of course, the right-wingers have been scoffing since day one that this was a “made up scandal”, and that “there’s no ‘There’ there.” That this is sound and fury, and partisan politics, trying to manufacture a scandal out of nothing.

If it’s nothing, if there’s no criminal activity…..why take the Fifth?

Of course, as a historical reminder, the right-wingers never thought Watergate was an impeachable offense, either. As that bastion of Red State balladry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, sang in “Sweet Home Alabama:” “Watergate does not bother me; Does your conscience bother you? Tell me true.”

So don’t expect the Conservatives you know to suddenly come around to reason. Expect them to deny, deny, deny all the way, even as the administration goes down in flames.