A Solution….

…or, if not a solution, then at least “A Plan.”

After some urging from , I agreed with her that the trick to getting more writing done on the novel is to fully separate the process from my day-to-day creative work with Adamant. This means that the office, where I do all of my work, is not conducive to fiction-writing, because I’m in my Adamant head-space when I am there.

So, to that end, starting next week, I’ll be spending Tuesdays and Thursdays out of the office — I will go to campus, or downtown to some coffee shop or other (there are something like a half-dozen to choose from, and only one of them a Starbucks), and spend the day writing.

Not only does this allow me to get into a different writing-specific head-space, but also allows me to get out into the world and see other human beings, thereby feeling less isolated. Also a good thing.

I have purchased this, specifically for this plan. It is a used Mac Powerbook G4 (the previous generation before the current MacBook Pros). New battery, new version of OS X loaded, Airport card, Bluetooth, etc. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the current generation, but all I need is a reliable word processor, plus internet access.

It is being shipped by the owner today. I expect to start the new schedule next week.