Final Series Three Trailer…..

The last and newest trailer for series three of Doctor Who is up at the BBC’s site (although in annoying-as-hell RealMedia format). Thankfully, a clever fan YouTubed it.

Check it out. Hideous living scarecrows. Derek Jacobi. Daleks. “Alons y!” John-bloody-Simms as the Mysterious “Mr. Saxon”……

Guh. Can’t wait.

Friday Music

More musical goodies for you this week:

First up is my latest composition. I had originally intended this song to have vocals– lyrics, verse, the whole schmear — but I’m kinda stuck on it, and the_themiscyran tells me that she likes it instrumental, as it is. Anyway, give it a listen, and tell me what you think: @nubis – “crosswords.”

As Laura mentioned in her post, we recently watched “Blood Diamond,” which turned out to be better than we expected. I was especially pleased with the soundtrack, so I went out and grabbed a copy. Most of it is typical dramatic score, mixed with African instrumentation and choral arrangments, but there are a few “singles” featured in the film as well, such as this one: Emmanuel Jal (with Abdel Gadir Salim) – “Baai.”

I haven’t posted any Muse recently, but then again, if I haven’t already convinced you to go pick up Black Holes and Revelations, I doubt that anything else I post will. Doesn’t matter — I’m gonna do it anyway, because I love this album. Muse – “Map of the Problematique.”

One of my favorite one-hit-wonders of the 90s. Folks loved the tune, and loved the nonsensical bits of lyric….and I felt special because I knew who Asha Bhonsle was, so the song was like a secret code. :) Cornershop – “Brimful of Asha.”

Speaking of one-hit-wonders, most of you only know Big Country from their biggest hit, “In a Big Country,” and maybe a few of you know the follow-up single, “Fields of Fire.” I really loved them, the rest of the self-titled album was brilliant — the next album, Steeltown, less so. Regardless, here’s one my favorite tracks from the first: Big Country – “Inwards.”

Showtime’s The Tudors starts this weekend, so there’s been a lot of Jonathan Rhys Meyers on television. They’ve shown “Bend it like Beckham”, they’ve shown his Emmy-winning performance as Elvis…and they’ve shown “Velvet Goldmine.” I’ll watch it any time it comes on. Huzzah for glam and glitter! Shudder To Think – “The Ballad of Maxwell Demon.”

Here’s a nice bit of instrumental hip-hop that I stumbled across. Gotta love any track that begins with Rumsfeld getting his ass handed to him while testifying. ThisIsh – “Running Away.”

Lastly, a request from my Livejournal-less brother. This one, along with the work that Cream was doing at around the same time, stands as some of the best stuff to come out of the UK in the late 60s. Traffic – “Dear Mr. Fantasy.”