I didn’t go to campus for my usually scheduled writing day — I feel like I’m fighting something off, so I decided to take it easy at home. Still feel Blah.

Made the mistake of turning on the television during lunch. As I expected, we’ve entered the 24-7 TragiPorn news cycle: Virginia Tech everywhere you look. Every media whore has rushed to the site before the bodies got cold, and the talking heads are in full effect: Right-wing Nutjobs harrumphing about how none of this would have happened if the students were allowed to carry guns on campus, ’cause they would’ve returned fire and ended the rampage……Other Right-wing Nutjobs asking ominous questions about the shooters immigration status…or political views…or general Non-White-Middle-Class-ness. Left-wing nutjobs pontificating about banning all guns, and how violent video games, movies and music are to blame.

Less than a full day later– the soap boxes are stacked on the bodies, and the ghouls are televising it all.

Christ on a fucking cracker. This is our culture.

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  1. I have only had the TV on PBS Kids today (surprise), but have seen alot of ridiculousness on the internet. It’s sad that one could tell from yesterday’s reports that the race of the gunman was one of the main focuses of the media.

    I am not happy with the media or all of the people who are using this tragedy to promote their personal agendas. It’s cruel.

  2. My favorite was Pat Robertson on CBN News saying how the terrorists could see the Virginia Tech shootings as an open opportunity to strike. Didn’t this man have a stroke not too long ago? And they let him stay on TV?

  3. The News…

    I have stopped watching regular news. I just don’t need it and it makes the world seem so much more depressing than it is.

    All the news I need, I get from the Colbert Report :)

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