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Tell me about a story I haven’t written, and I’ll give you one sentence from that story.

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  1. You know the one where The Shadow goes to Tibet to consult with an old friend one last time, an aged wise man in the twilight of his life, and ends up uncovering a cult of mad zealots hell-bent on freeing that unknowable beast that Man Was Not Meant To Know, buried deep in the ice, beckoning psychically to every living thing and plaguing their dreams with madness until it’s free.

    That one.

  2. “The Shadow vaulted backward across the chasm, twin .45s spitting a litany of death, as the abhorrent half-men surged wildly towards him, tentacles whipping like snakes.”

  3. The one where the future has such accessible nanotech that steampunks realize their dreams of a city built mainly of interlinked cog and sprocket machines, too small to see…
    Then the murders start.

  4. I said that I *haven’t* written. “In the process of writing” doesn’t count.

    As for the second:

    “The shadow fell over him, and he looked up to see the immense starship blocking the sun, its gleaming white hull emblazoned with a red Templar cross. The knights had come.”

  5. “The artificer’s body sprawled at an awkward angle, a pool of blood and oil mixing on the workroom floor. Legrande closed his scanner. “Murder,” he announced. “His hemoregulator was shut down by a programmed nanovirus. Deuced clever, that.” “

  6. “We could end up running the place, Costigan,” Peter said darkly, “…but first we need to deal with that damned monkey.”

  7. How fun!

    How about the one with the society where a psychic culture opens an office building where they do everything from healing to cosmetic alteration to psychotherapy with their minds (and can also do things like teach you Greek in one hour), and the pharmaceutical industry sends assassins in to get them all.

  8. “Just stick the plugs on using the chewing gum…that’ll make the frog big enough….but to get the President to choke, I need to figure out how to get him to eat it…..”

  9. Mark, Chapter 9:

    “When Jesus saw that the people came running together, he rebuked the foul beast, saying unto him, Thou gigantic and roaring spirit, I charge thee, come out of here, and enter no more into the city.

    And the beast cried, and rent powerlines, and did tread heavily upon the ground and the messiah alike.”

  10. “Tell your men in Rosetta to dig deeper, General,” the Dark Man said. “For below the stone they have discovered lies another tablet — upon which is contained the keys to power beyond your imagining.”

  11. The crack of the bat echoed through the stadium, but high in the bleachers, the sound was nearly drowned out by the cries of two ravens that sat on the old man’s shoulders. “Quiet, you two,” he said. “I’m trying to watch the game.”

  12. Re: Tell me…

    He twirled the pencil between his fingers. He preferred a natural finish, rather than the traditional yellow…it reminded him of the wood of the bat.

  13. “Dealing with the Syrians will be no problem, Wolf,” Carson told the interviewer. “You want difficult — try farming bachelors sometime.”

  14. An Irish priest discovers a new relic and is attacked as he attempts to deliver it to the Church, by demons masquerading as leprechauns, among others.

  15. The one where Sharpe and Hagman get kidnapped by space pirates, who plan to use them to defeat the onrushing horde of plague zombies from another dimension.

  16. “RIFLES! TO ME!!” Sharpe bellowed, charging forward. Not having to reload after every shot took some getting used to, but he found that he wasn’t missing the choking clouds of powder smoke — and these new guns were wickedly accurate.

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