Heading Home

At my brother’s place on Long Island — heading back home later today.

Of course, we’re flying out of LaGuardia (dicey at the best of times), and the area has been having thunderstorms all morning. A check of our flight status only says “delayed” — with no further information.

We’re scheduled (originally) to leave here at about 5 this afternoon. We’ll see.

I like visiting other places, but I hate the actual process of travel.

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  1. The rain cleared up here a couple hours ago, and I can hear the planes landing. Hope your flight isn’t too delayed…but judging by the clearer-than-predicted weather and the relatively clear satellite map, things should probably be normal at LaGuardia by the time of your flight (meaning only 45 minute to one hour delays on everything).

    Safe journey home! It was nice to see all of you! :)

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