There’s no place li– AW, HELL!

So, our flight ended up being delayed by two and a half hours. Finally got home at 11-something local time. Boo.

Woke up today to discover that the power supply on my wireless router appears to have gone tits-up. Boo.

Scrounged until I found the older, non-wireless DSL modem, hooked that back up, and after a bit of searching, discovered that the power supply issue is apparently well-known. Tons of AT&T/Yahoo DSL customers reporting the issue, after about 18 months or so of wireless use. AT&T’s response is to try to get you to buy an entirely new modem/router. I’m trying, instead to get a replacement power supply from the manufacturer. We’ll see how it goes.

Not how I wanted to start my day back at work. BIG BOO.

11 Replies to “There’s no place li– AW, HELL!”

  1. I think I have both a spare modem, and a spare router (not wireless though) that could easily head your way.

    Dinner sometime now that you are back? I’d love to hear all about the trip!

  2. I’ve got my old modem running….just no wireless right now. Not a problem.

    Dinner would be good. We’ll call.

  3. Glad you made it home safely. Sorry for the delay. My FIL had to reschedule his flight in for today pecause the airlines were being so persnickety. Best of luck with the wireless.

  4. What brand of wi-fi router? I have like 8 different ones in a drawer at work. I know I have netgear ones, and possibly a netgear and linksys.

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