Indy and Footie

Arrived in Indianapolis. Had lunch with and Co.

Currently back at the hotel, awaiting ‘s arrival. Industry drink-up this evening, Convention proper begins tomorrow. I took a look at the exhibitor’s hall today — larger than I’ve ever seen it before. Mind-boggling huge. Multiple football fields full of geeky goodness.

Speaking of football (the real kind):

Checked on my Gameweek 2 results for my EPL Fantasy Team — my captaincy bad luck continues. Ronaldo was red-carded, leading to a grand total of -2 for his contribution to my points total. *sigh*

However, the rest of the team played like a house on fire — 5 of my starting 11 scored goals, in fact. 39 points (provisional — I’m waiting for it to be made official), which should leapfrog me up the standings quite nicely.

4 Replies to “Indy and Footie”

  1. Man U without Rooney or Ronaldo this weekend is going to cause a lot of people to shuffle their lineups.

    My “house on fire” came yesterday with Arteta. The man is pure gold.

  2. Man, I’m already bumming about how I’m not there, hanging out with you guys, bullshitting and knocking back some mixed drinks.

    Have an absolute blast while you’re there. Buy someone a drink on my behalf. I’ll pay you back. ;)

  3. Im totally jealous…

    Heya bro, if its do-able…could you possibly go to the Privateer Press booth and pick up the Trollkin Warlock: Borka the Keg Slayer…he’s not available until well after GenCon…let me know…

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