GenCon Day 1

In brief (as it’s 1:00 a.m. local time here, and I’m somewhat drunk):

* Brilliant to see friends again. My main reason for attending, and well worth the trip.

* 4th Edition D&D announced today. Meeting for publishers occuring tomorrow night, where I expect many of my questions (specifically revolving around future plans for Adamant) will be answered, or at least made slightly more clear.

* Looking around today, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that apparently, the Gamer Sumptuary Laws have decreed that Utilikilts are the new fedora. This is not a Good Thing, in many cases. Far too many.

* It’s a surreal experience to be sitting for a bit in the Auction, and having the first product you ever wrote (PERIPHERY), which had a print run of 500 copies ( if memory serves), come up on the block. (Even more surreal — somebody paid 15 bucks for it.)

* Looked around, saw a great many products which interested me….but not many that stood up to the nagging “yeah, but would I ever play it, and so isn’t it just going to take up space” test.

* People buying you drinks are evil. So is vanilla vodka and ginger ale.

Off to bed (finally) — more anon.

9 Replies to “GenCon Day 1”

  1. So who gave you the Devil’s Cream Soda?

    People buying you drinks are evil. So is vanilla vodka and ginger ale.

    I’m betting on Seantaclaus, since he learned that one from me.

  2. Re: So who gave you the Devil’s Cream Soda?

    Oh, no no no — I started drinking those as soon as Stoli Vanil came on the market. I’ve never heard it referred to as “the Devil’s Cream Soda”, but in some circles (at Origins 2003, for example), some called it “a Skarka Special.” :)

  3. I don’t get it…

    we fought for CENTURIES NOT to have to wear skirts, & now guys are CHOOSING to wear them? Just fuckin’ weird from my pov….

  4. Re: I don’t get it…

    I blame these things:

    1) The Rennie/Gamer Geek cross population. It’s like the Braveheart/Rob Roy contingent finally made it through on a time delay.

    2) Movie stars have shown up wearing them at red carpet events. (Young guys, not just Sean Connery.) :D


    ’nuff said.

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