Internet Stalker unveiled

Holy Shit.

Long-timers might recall that a few years back, I was getting disturbing emails and harassing message-board posts from somebody who I began to refer to as my Internet Stalker. This individual made it his hobby to tell me how worthless he thought I was (referring to me as “GEE (what a) MESS” in a play on the “GMS” nickname), and generally making disturbing revelations about how much he knew about where I lived, where my daughter went to school, etc.

I reported those emails and posts to the LPD at the time, just to be sure.

Well, I now know who it was.

Turns out, it was my next-door neighbor.

This unhinged motherfucker, who has always assumed a level of familiarity far beyond what you’d expect from brief interactions in our shared driveway, just sent me a long diatribe about how I “ignored him” when he made “overtures of friendship” over the summer, when he was moving out. (He sent me a few emails, a couple of which I responded to, and he came to the door unannounced while I was on the phone once.)

Beyond talking to him a few times a year, I pretty much didn’t get involved with him in any way, because, bluntly, he always struck me as strange. His personal “business card” contained a link to a website where he obsessed about the relevance of the number “111” in his life. Odd stuff. So I kept him at arms length.

During the bizarre rant that I received from him today, he lapsed into the exact same attack phrases used by my old Stalker…..including “GEE (what a) MESS.”

So now I know that this fucker was living next door to me the whole time, has some strange fascination for me, a sense that he’s been slighted, and, while he has moved out, he knows where I live.

I’m sending his latest email to the LPD as well, just in case. But I’m also making this post, so that folks know about this.

His name is Jim Ward-Nichols. He’s a fucking nutjob. (here’s his website.)

I’m more than a bit freaked out.

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  1. On the plus side, now you know. You know his name, you know his face. You could probably find out where he lives.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  2. True enough. In fact, this afternoon, the wife and I are going down to the District Court, where we’ll be filing a PFS (Protection From Stalking) restraining order. I’ll be printing off all of my supporting docs, and turning them in with the order.

    It may end up being nothing, but at least we’ll have done something.

  3. Thought you were trying to tell me something, there. :)

    I doubt that they’ll do anything that drastic, really — the wife and I are filing a PFS (Protection from Stalking) Restraining Order with the court today, though, so at the very least he’ll get an official nasty-gram from the County, telling him to back the fuck off.

  4. Wow

    That is really surreal.

    What is that old saying, idle hands are the devils play ground? Ive alawys thought that about the mind and the soul. Don’t do something interesting or productive and you just fall of the deep end.

    Weird indeed.

  5. Is this the same neighbor you were telling us about when we saw you earler this Summer? Bleah! Sounds like a real freakazoid! Sorry he is still being a problem!

  6. The nice thing about this particular numerical fetish weirdo is that he might not do anything until like 1/11/07 or something, but at least you know who he is and the police know who he is and anyone that goes to his website, knows what his fixation is. That’s a good thing.

    Still, I wonder if you file a restraining order, does someone deliver that to him? He’s bound to get a little touchy.

  7. The whole “someone delivering it to him” thing is the whole point, really…..notice that OFFICIAL FORCES (TM) have been informed, and that no further bullshit from him will be allowed.

    A statement of intent, essentially. Clearly saying “we’re not going to let you continue this” — since he’s been doing it, off and on, since 2004.

  8. As an amusing (?) aside — I just noticed something.

    The address of the County Court, where we’re filing later today?

    111 E. 11th St.


  9. …..

    **Cue creepy 50’s music and include a weirdo looking space man with a monotone voice and with his arms stretched out at you**

    We have come for you, Gareth Michael Skarka….we are the creepy Math-a-zoids…All your brain belong to us…Do not try to resist us, our Math-a-logical-ness will overpower you….resistance is…well, it’s bad…We control the number-ology of time space and dimension…if you resist us we will atack you with the all power onetwothree ray…

    LOL…ok Im done

  10. Holy shit, I remember those incidents (at least the reporting of those incidents). “Gee (What A) Mess”–damn, I’m not looking to come up with creative epithets to sling at you but I’m confident I could do better than that.

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