As previously posted, I’m doing NaNoWriMo this month.

Here’s my user profile. Add me as a Buddy, if you so wish.

I won’t be talking about the novel here on my LJ at any point during the month– although every post I do make will feature a word count meter, so I can be reminded of my progress. (and, to be honest, the final project will be far longer than 50K. It’s just a goal for the month.)

So, here we go…..

0 / 50000 words. 0% done!

7 Replies to “NaNoWriMo”

  1. There’s 10-day window.

    We’re probably splitting the book into 2 volumes, releasing part one as a .pdf in December and part two between then and Gallifrey One next year.

    The hard copy should be ready for GallifreyOne.

  2. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to bow out, then. There’s no way I can make the window. Too much on my plate right now.

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