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Here we go again….

Last weekend, I watched Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who on VH1 — Very cool documentary covering the 40 year history of the band. During it, there was a shot of a very new-wave-looking Pete Townsend, singing the band’s 1982 single, “Eminence Front,” which I had completely forgotten about. It, along with Yes’ “90125” and Genesis’ “Genesis” are all great examples of classic bands changing slightly with the times — changes that often weren’t embraced by their longtime fans, but that little geeks like me ate up, as we sat around and rolled up characters for our RPG sessions. The Who – “Eminence Front.”

Speaking of fans — there’s been a hullaballoo between Prince and his fans. Apparently, he’s threatened to sue fan sites for posting images of him, etc. As a result a group of the larger sites have gotten together under the banner “Prince Fans United”, and are fighting the legal battle. Oddly, Prince has released a song for the fans, referencing PFU. So, on the one hand, his legal teams are trying to shut down fan sites, while on the other, he’s recording songs for the fans, and giving them to the fans. Strange duck, that Purple one. The song is great — blisteringly funky — although he uses the altered higher-register voice on it, which I’ve always found strange. Prince – “PFUnk.”

Speaking of funk (or rather it’s precursor, soul), here’s one of my favorite tracks from the genre. Donny Hathaway – “The Ghetto.”

I picked up a new album this week, from the electronic act Scandy. The album, “13 Ways to Masturbate” is really excellent, bass-heavy dancefloor stuff. I had a hard time picking which track to post, since they were all brilliant. I decided, finally, on this one: Scandy – “Just Human.”

Here’s an interesting bit of fan work — one of the moderators over at the site does a podcast about all things Bond, and came up with his own version of the Bond theme, which I like quite a bit. He posted the link to the forums on the site, so I’m posting it here: Dunphy – “James Bond Theme (Harmsway’s Octogenarian Mix).”

And lastly, because on a day like today, there’s nothing better than some bouncy classic 90s Britpop: The Charlatans – “The Only One I Know.”


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  1. What was that song you played at Y’s last night that had the country song sampled in with it? I can’t remember the name of the song or the artist.

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