Notes From Bizarro-Land

You want a snapshot of what life is like in America now? Check the recent papers:

In the Wall Street Journal, Alan Dershowitz says that opposition to Torture is being “soft on Terror”, and that we should use torture, because it worked for the Nazis. No, I’m not kidding.

On the other hand, in yesterday’s New York Times, Frank Rich has the courage to call what’s happened to this country a Coup, and draws similarities to what’s occuring in Pakistan right now.

One side of America is seriously arguing that we should emulate the Nazis, and the other is admitting that there’s been a coup in this country, but isn’t doing anything to stop it.

Get me out of here.

8 Replies to “Notes From Bizarro-Land”

  1. Cripes, I’m scared. I’m glad you’re talking about stuff and keeping us informed:)

    I wish there was a manual for “So, You Might Have To Flee The Country After All”….

  2. I appreciate that things get crappy enough for one to wish to leave. And that getting things back to where we would like them to be is not going anywhere near at the rate at which we would like for it to happen.

    On the other hand, leaving accomplishes one thing … it leaves things in the hands of the people who fucked it up.

    How do you think the Neo-Cons got what they wanted? They stuck around and persevered. No, I have no love or admiration for them, but that’s what got them where they are.

  3. Okay, that first link is legitimately scary.

    It is not an understatement to say “the terrorists have won.” We were supposed to be the country of principals and morals. That we’ve stooped this low sickens me.

    Do you have a degree in computer science or experience in the telecommunications industry? Canada has plenty of jobs in the sphere, and Canadian customs always insists I leave the border crossing with the forms I’d need “should you happen to need them”.

  4. Do you have a degree in computer science or experience in the telecommunications industry?


    Current plan is to move to London in about a year and half, on the writers-and-artists visa.

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