Joss Whedon Spy TV Series….

Can’t believe I missed this….

Right before the writer’s strike hit, Variety reported that Joss Whedon has a seven-episode order from Fox for a new TV series, called “Dollhouse.”

The show will star Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) and follows a top-secret world of people programmed with different personalities, abilities and memories depending on their mission, after which they have their memories wiped clean, and are sent back to a lab (dubbed the “Dollhouse”). The series will supposedly focus on Dushku’s character, Echo, as she slowly begins to develop some self-awareness, which impacts her missions.

The article says that “barring a strike, Fox hopes to have the show in production by spring” — so obviously that’s no longer happening. But the contracts are signed, so once the strike gets resolved, we should be getting new Jossy Goodness — and dealing with Spy Girls, even!


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  1. Conceptually, I’m right there with you, however…

    But the contracts are signed, so once the strike gets resolved, we should be getting new Jossy Goodness

    Until it gets cancelled three episodes in because Fox Execs didn’t really “get” the plot and because they didn’t market it correctly and they shuffle it’s timeslot and day, it never finds an audience.

  2. Re: Conceptually, I’m right there with you, however…

    Meh. In which case, it gets released on DVD, and we still get it. To quote Catherine Tate: “I’m not bovvered.”

  3. A few weeks ago I think I saw the commercial for this on TV, and then heard nothing else about it. Can’t remember if it was on channel 4 or on one of the cable channels (G4, SciFi, etc.) but it was only about 45 seconds long.

    Glad you found out about it because I certainly forgot.

  4. not being a huge fan of either Joss Whedon or Eliza Dushku I cannot say that I am impressed. It sounds to me a lot like a lame remake of the pretender with a little la femme nikita thrown in. Some people thought it sounded vaguely interested, but the fact that Fox will air all of the episodes out of order and change nights four times will probably have a negative effect as well.

  5. It’d be lovely to see more work from him, but I’ll echo (heh) everyone else’s concerns. Fox doesn’t know how to sell smart television, it’s really weird that Joss would go back to them after the whole Firefly snafu.

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