Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned

More Davies nonsense.

Please give Steven Moffat the next Special, PLEEZKTHNX.

There were bits that were OK, bits that were pretty, but mostly it was overlong, and CheeseTastic, and DeusExMachinaRiffic.

Overall, it was a clunker — pretty much an amalgam of everything that Russel Davies does wrong, and far too often, in the new Who.

The new theme arrangement was interesting, though….and the scenes from the upcoming series were pretty damned nifty. Here’s hoping.

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  1. Yup, agreed on all counts. We all discussed it for, like, an hour after we watched it. The things I was most impressed with were little bitty details in the background/on the set (so, you know…I was noticing little bitty background details). Kind of anti-climactic after looking forward to seeing it. :/

  2. I actually enjoyed it. The new theme tune was great, especially when played loud through a cinema sound system :D

    Personally I think it’s possibly the best Christmas Special of the last three. The first one was also very good but I can’t imagine anything ever being anywhere near as bad as Runaway Bride! Maybe after that anything this year was bound to seem like a godsend to me? Still, I liked Voyage of the Damned on the whole. There were certainly some cheesey moments that i would have missed out (The Queen’s appearence for instance) but overall it was a good one in my books.

  3. Yeah, we agreed. Some fun moments, some cool moments, but a lot of “eh? WTF?”

    Parts of it felt to me like Davies thinking, “Okay, this is a Christmas special, yeah? So it needs to have this! And this! And, oh yeah, this!” Particularly near the end.

    Steven Moffat doing the next Special would be AWESOME! Hopefully he’ll write at least one of the specials next year, between Seasons Four and Five. And of course episodes before then, but I’d love to see him do a movie-length Dr. Who special.

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