E-Publishing Seminar @ GenCon

For folks who might be interested:

I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers at the following seminar, at 2:00 next Friday at GenCon in Indianapolis.

E-Publishing: Bringing RPGs to Market in the 21st Century

E-Publishing has helped many companies reach thousands of new customers, and it has made it possible for new, talented folks to enter the playground with wonderful new toys. Whether you’re an established creator looking for ways to bring your product to market, or a new talent looking for a low-cost way to get your game out, DriveThru’s panel of experts are more than happy to share their ideas and support. Come discover the future with us!

8/15/08 2:00 PM, Embassy Suites, Chancellor 2

Friday Music

Yeah, I’m keeping it going.

Posts may be intermittent through the end of August, however, as GenCon and taking The Minion to college will interfere with getting you musical goodies.

Now then: This week.

Speaking of college, this first track is from the new Target ad featuring two girls tricking out their dorm room. At first I thought it was M.I.A., but a little bit of digging discovered that it was, in fact, Danish house producer Rune –recording for some unknown reason as “Enur”, and featuring Dutch reggae singer Nastaja Saad. Currently one of my favorite tracks: Enur (feat. Nastaja) – “Calabria.”

As promised, here’s a track from the Damon Albarn/Jamie Hewlett project Monkey: Journey to the West. I picked it up from iTunes yesterday, and I love it. Monkey – “Heavenly Peach Banquet.”

Found this recently while looking at a list of bands that will be playing at Dragon*Con this year. Ego Likeness are a duo doing darkwave/trip-hop (got my attention). They’re both published novelists (also cool), one is an artist whose work has appeared in Weird Tales (again cool), they’ve got a livejournal (), and they offer free downloads of a bunch of their music at their website (very cool). Here is the current single: Ego Likeness – “The Lowest Place on Earth.”

For those of you who’ve read Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, here you go: nothing better than a power-metal band comprised of fanboys! Demons & Wizards – “The Gunslinger.” The lyrics are full of Tower references, and then it RAWKS! METAL!!!

Found myself listening to this the other day, and was reminded that I liked it much more than “Rock Me Amadeus” — Falco – “Vienna Calling.”

Sometimes, you just need to hear something from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. This is one of those times: Shudder to Think – “Hot One.”