Random Gaming Thought — Doctor Who

(I wanted to put this somewhere before I forget it.)

Idea for a campaign model for Cubicle 7’s forthcoming Doctor Who RPG: Essentially a US version of Torchwood, thereby neatly circumventing the whole “who gets to play the Timelord” conundrum.

Problem: Torchwood is UK-only. Founded by Queen Victoria, as a response to Alien Threats From Beyond The Stars.

Possible Solution: UNIT — international organization, and confirmed US presence in canon.

Secondary Problem: I don’t want PCs to have access to platoons of soldiers and a friggin helicarrier.

Solution: I come up with the idea of the CRASH team. High specialized UNIT personnel who operate in Critical Response And Special Handling. Basically, a similar set-up to the UK’s Torchwood teams. Small groups (perfectly sized for player-character parties) who are UNIT’s “first responders.”

I *so* wanna run this.


Obama’s candidacy is not all about Hope and Inspiration.

If you’ve got the time to read it, this 8-page NY Times story about his Economic plan, and the philosophies that drive it is an excellent distillation of his potential policies, as well as a fairly complete primer on the economic theories and issues which have driven the country for the past 30 years or so.

Worth reading, if for no other reason that to give you some concrete information to throw back at those who claim that he’s “full of hot air” and “has no positions.”

For a political junkie like me, it’s 8 pages of brilliance.