WOTC Scrambles….

WOTC to release Revised GSL and SRD:

“We recognize the important role third party publishing support plays in the success of the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. We have listened to the community and our valued colleagues and have taken their concerns and recommendations to heart. Our commitment to the health of the industry and hobby gaming lifestyle is reflected in the revisions to the Game System License.”
–Linae Foster D&D Licensing Manager

Of course, on ENWorld, she also said that they wanted it out before GenCon, but when she realized that “wasn’t going to happen”, she pushed for the announcement.

Is it sad that at this point, I half-suspect that this announcement is nothing more than an attempt to deflect criticism at GenCon?

Isaac Hayes

I’m not doing a Friday music this week (GenCon), but I wanted to mark the passing of Mr. Hayes.

I’m sure that most folks will talk about “the Theme from Shaft” or his work as Chef on South Park, but I wanted to post what I consider his most brilliant bit of work. After hearing this for the first time, it became the definitive version of the song for me, eclipsing Dionne Warwicks more-famous (and far less dark) version:

Isaac Hayes – “Walk On By.”


Apparently, my fellow geeks are shocked — shocked — to discover that Star Wars: The Clone Wars appears to be an awful, juvenile waste of time.

How soon they forget. This should not come as a shock to anyone old enough to remember the first post-trilogy bit of official Star Wars: 1984 and 1985’s made-for-TV Ewok movies.

Awful? Check.

Juvenile? Check.

Apparently Jango Fett isn’t the only thing being cloned, eh?