[Writing Group] Getting Things Going

OK — now that I’ve dug through the pile on my desk enough…. Let’s start getting the details of this thing set up.

First off: The group has been whittled down to:

  • Yours Truly.
  • (Laura Hanson Skarka)
  • (Aaron Rosenberg)
  • (Dave Gross)

Everyone else was trimmed for various reasons — lack of follow-up, statements of time concerns, etc. So, right now, it’s just the four of us. I know that Dave mentioned that he knows of a couple of others who might be interested, especially if we keep it private (which I have no problems with — I’m more interested in the regular deadline and critique that a group offers). So I figured I’d through this out there — does anyone have any other suggestions for membership?

The next thing we need to do is set up the overall schedule and format — when stuff is turned in, by whom, where we discuss, etc. I like the idea of the private LJ group, since the comments format is a nice threading tool. Any other suggestions are welcome here.

Over to you….

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