[Writing Group] Continued Discussion

Now and are added to the filter: please join the discussion!

OK, as I see it, I’m pretty good with this (combining Aaron and Dave’s suggestions):

• Privacy-locked LJ group blog created. (Still need a name for this — suggestions?)

• Each member picks one day of the week. That’s their posting day, and theirs alone.

• Each member then decides on posting frequency: monthly, biweekly, or weekly.

• Posts could be anything up to 5k or so, emailed to participants (or posted to the LJ, if you prefer — although I’m leaning towards Dave’s suggestion of emailed manuscripts with the comments and discussion being held on the LJ).

• Each member should be expected to comment on at least three submissions a month, and to do so within three or four days of their being posted.

Am I forgetting anything, or is there anything else that people would like to add or bring up for discussion?

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