Work (and other) Updates

  • Prep work on Far West continues. Finishing up and sending out the investor’s prospectus this week. Hope to get the website up and running soon after, and then the development content will start appearing. The whole thing has a very “snowballing” feel to it — getting bigger and bigger as it pushes me further and further forward. Slightly terrifying.
  • Getting ready to make the next big announcement I promised last week. The details will wait for the official PR, but the gist of it is that Adamant is entering into a print partnership, and our products (starting with MARS, but including a bunch of others) will start hitting your local game stores in September or so.
  • Cancelled our proposed Traveller sourcebook, Final Frontier: The Unauthorized Sourcebook to the World’s Most Popular SF TV Franchise, for several reasons — first and foremost being the amount of things on my plate at the moment (specifically the effects of the first bullet point, above). The thought of a potential legal scrum was there as well, although admittedly low on the list, along with doubts about potential audience viability. Really, though — the main thing was that I’ve got enough irons in the fire right now, and I should be careful not to confuse what I’d love to see as a player with what I should be working on as a publisher.
  • On a related topic: Worked some connections to get a copy of Michael Giacchino’s score to Star Trek, ahead of the album’s release next Tuesday. I’m a big fan of Giacchino’s work (especially what he did on The Incredibles, Mission Impossible III and Cloverfield), and I’m pleased to report that he’s in top form. It was a good choice to steer away from the well-known Goldsmith theme (which has been over-used) and go with original composition — his themes are his own, which fit the nature of the film. That said, I’m also filled with glee that he does manage to slip in the original Alexander Courage TV theme into the end credits, which ties everything up with a nice bow.
  • Layout is proceeding on the next slate of Adamant releases: three more Venture 4th products (By Skill Alone: a collection of skill challenges; Pact of the Dragon Lords and Pact of Ghosts: new Warlock pacts) and the True20 version of Imperial Age.
  • Development proceeding on several projects, announced and unannounced — some Super, some Savage, and some Squamous.
  • Fiction work also underway, which, in deference to my workload, I’ve whittled down to a mere two projects underway at any given time. I have to make sure that I don’t give this the short-shrift when Adamant stuff demands more time.
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