Friday Music

Back from GenCon, and Friday Music returns….

First up — I twittered during the White Wolf party, mocking the apparent playing of Journey. Turns out that it was a mash-up, which isn’t quite as bad as I had initially thought. Here it is: A plus D – “Don’t Stop Believin’ in Planet Rock (Journey vs Afrika Bambatta)”

While I was looking for that track, I stumbled across another by the same DJ team, which I liked quite a bit. It mixes Kanye West’s ripoff of Ray Charles with Walter Murphy’s ripoff of Ludwig Van Beethoven– A plus D – “Fifth Gold Digger.”

I’ve been listening to the new Santogold album, and I’m loving the whole neo-80s thing. Imagine my surprise when one of the tracks appeared in, of all things, a commercial for Bud Light with Lime. Kinda sucks being a target audience, doesn’t it? Santogold – “Lights Out.”

RJD2 (composer of the theme from Mad Men) has started his own label, and is re-releasing his earlier work – including a B-sides and rarities collection called Your Face Or Your Kneecaps. Here is a track from that collection: RJD2 – “Find You Out.”

had good things to say about this cover, so I decided to give it a listen. I think I still prefer Kate Bush’s original, but this is pretty damned good. Placebo – “Running Up That Hill.”

I love the fact that this Moby track is now pretty much “The Jason Bourne Theme.” The way they use it (especially in the last film) is brilliant — Moby – “Extreme Ways.”

Lastly — like many of my generation, I grew up on John Hughes films. Upon learning of his death, I didn’t get the chance to post something related on Friday Music, so I’m taking the opportunity now. The soundtracks to his films meant even more to me in my teenage years than the films did themselves — they were perfect slices of my taste, at a time when most of my peers were listening to Bon Jovi and the like. Rather than post the ubiquitous Hughes anthem, “Don’t You Forget About Me,” I’ve decided to post a track that appeared on the soundtrack to Weird Science: General Public – “Tenderness.” Thank you, Mr. Hughes.

There you go, kids, enjoy.

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