Parental Pestering

That time of year has come again — the school fundraiser.

So, I figured that I’d turn to the VURD, since you folks are essentially my office-mates.

Dotta Numba 2 is in the Choir, and they’re doing the fundraising thing — but, unlike back in my day, when we had to knock on doors with a box of barely-edible chocolate bars, they give the kids access to a website that sells everything from magazine subscriptions (I just got Wired and MacWorld), jars of cashews, cooking supplies, knick-knacks, gew-gaws and assorted froo-froo.

So, if you’d like to help out the Lawrence Free State High School Choir, please pick something up, using the following info:

Student/School Code: 434753

Student name: Maggie Skarka

Thanks in advance!

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