Making the Negative Brand Work….

In the comments of the previous entry, Eddy Webb asked:

“Have you given any serious thoughts on ways you can take this toxic GMS brand and convert it into something that’s useful for your business?”

I said at the time that I hadn’t — I think that I’m too close to the issue, and I can’t figure out how that would work.


A thought occurs to me. Imagine this: I put up a Kickstarter Project: Announce that if I can raise 25K in 30 days, I’ll leave the industry for good, never to look back — no releasing product, no posting on forums, nada. Then, I go to all of the hives of GMS-hate and advertise the offer. Offer incentives, like T-shirts for a certain level of funding that say “I Drove GMS Out of Gaming” or something equally triumphalist.

If it works, I’ve got 25K to cover me for a few months while I transition Adamant to other things. :)





(….and for the record, NO, I’m not serious. For one, I’ve still got stuff I want to release, even if it’s only as part of a more widely-focused effort. For the other, I doubt it would work, since the Haters talk a good game, but would never pony up. Amusing to contemplate, though….)

5 Replies to “Making the Negative Brand Work….”

  1. You also set up a counter-movement, a sock puppet that says “GMS will save gaming! Donate so his company can release [Special Project X].”

    Either way, you win.


  2. I still like the idea of an over the top, drunk hulk style Twitter account.


  3. I never buy anything you think, just what you write. By the way, get back to fucking work.

  4. As others have said, I care about a good product far, far more than I care about someone’s “personal brand” or what they have to say on their blog. I almost never agree with what you have to say here, but I’ve purchased several of your games.

    I’d like to humbly suggest focusing less on the negativity and more on putting out cool stuff. In general, time spent on haters is time better spent elsewhere.

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