A New Look

Home sick today. Still haven’t kicked this throat-and-ear thing. Taking one last day of rest before soldiering on tomorrow.

I decided to go with a new design for the weblog. I’m not the world’s most brilliant HTML-jockey, so I picked another of the pre-designed templates from Blogger. I like it. Oddly enough, it’s given me the same sort of rejuvanative feeling that one gets from Spring Cleaning. New year, new start, and all that.

Interesting article on AICN, giving a teaser look at the script for the Sci-fi Channel’s forthcoming re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. I loved the old series…but more for its potential than its actual execution. The show could have been much cooler than it was, but instead got bogged down in corny re-hashes of old Western plots, for example. I admit that I was hoping that they’d pull a “Next Gen” on this project, and continue in the same fictitious universe, but I can understand the reasons for wanting a clean slate. Starbuck as a woman, though?


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