I rented Equilibrium over the Memorial Day weekend. Not surprisingly, due to it’s treatment by the studio, I had totally missed this one. It was in-and-out fairly quickly at the end of last year–I barely remember seeing some stuff about it on AICN, but that’s about it.

Ignore the box art and review quotes hammering home the comparisons to The Matrix—aside from an admittedly nifty martial-art-with-pistols called “Gun Kata”, this film owes more to Fahrenheit 451 than it does to the Wachowski brothers’ work. Christian Bale plays the lead, a “Grammaton Cleric” (and tell me that wasn’t written by a gamer) whose job it is to track down “Sense Offenders”–those who rebel against the government’s laws against emotion and emotionally provacative works such as art, literature and music. Verdict? Pretty cool. A good rental.

Still very busy. I’m about two months out from the move back to Kansas, and the freelance gigs are coming in…which is great, because that will make for a seamless transition to full-time writing. Of course, it does mean that right now, I’m essentially working two full-time jobs, but that’s OK. I won’t have to worry about that for much longer. It’s good to be back to the swing of research and writing again….well, research I enjoy, anyway. There’s research at my current corporate day job, but I can’t find it within myself to get excited about IRS 401(k) guidelines, or the “Catch-up Contributions” allowed under the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001. Reading

The Great Pulp Heroes
and The Deer and The Cauldron (both for projects I’m currently working on) is much, much more interesting.


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