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I’ve got an RSS site feed for my blog at:

I’ve tried to set it up so that it automatically synicates to this journal, but damned if I can figure out how.

Send me an email if you can tell me how to do it.


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  1. Don’t have my email account to hand (I’m at work) so I’m hoping you’ll get this.

    I actually found your page because I was read your blog now and again, and visiting specifically to see if you had an RSS feed – and found out that you’d just added one.

    Anyhow, I then did a search to see if anyone had syndicated it on Live Journal, and found your main account with the request for help about syndicated it.

    So then (God… this is terribly written) I went searching through the FAQ to find out how to do it (actually, it’s a handy thing to find out because there are a few RSS feeds I might want to syndicate) and it turns out that anyone can do it.

    So I went ahead and did it.

    Sorry, got a bit eager. Hope this is okay with you.

    I couldn’t call it gmskarka, because you already have it, so I gave it the username of gmskarka_feed (which seems to be what a lot of others are called).

    So the “pseudo-page” is at:

    …but of course people will just add it to their friends lists to set up.

    If you’re interested about how I did it (or if you want to recreate it under a different name – I can then just zap mine), go to…

    [Hunts around for page that he’s now stupidly closed]

    and just go to the very bottom. You just add a name, and the URL of the atom or RSS feed.

    That’s about it, and my lunchbreak’s over, so I’ll sign off.

  2. That’s great–Thanks!

    I have no problem with leaving that up. I’ll make a note of it on the LJ and the blog.


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